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WordPress Plugins

WP Plugin Icons

    Download from WordPress If you ever tried to navigate a long list of installed plugins on WordPress, you may have noticed how hard it is to find the plugin your looking for. Yet when adding a plugin, its easy to find what your looking for.… Read More »WP Plugin Icons

    Auto Embed

      Download from WordPress Easily Embed Dynamic Lazy Loading Youtube Videos, Facebook Pages, PDFs, Images, etc. Simply By Pasting The Url. This plugin does most of the work client side, and waits for the page to finish loading so embeds do not slow down your site.… Read More »Auto Embed

      Cache & Performance

        There are many wordpress plugins that can help boost site performance. Here is a list of plugins recommended by AspieSoft. WP Super Cache PWA Native Lazyload Flying Images by WP Speed Matters Flying Fonts by WP Speed Matters Flying Pages by WP Speed Matters While… Read More »Cache & Performance

        WP Stateless

          Download from WordPress WP Stateless is a plugin which syncs your media with Google Cloud Storage. This is an old plugin, and while it may have been removed from wordpress, I still prefer this plugin over some of the newer and more complex plugins. Setting… Read More »WP Stateless